Sherri Denault - Seeking Quiescence

Solo Exhibition - Cultivator at Bray Grove Farm

Monday, Memorial Day, May 29, 2017, 2-5pm. Please rsvp.

Cultivator is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Sherri Denault at Bray Grove Farm. Denault will create an installation in our second floor exhibition space on the farm. The room will be immersed in her manipulated paper sculptures that she combines with thread, ink, sticks, and various natural objects. This particular sculpture is an extension of her “Connected Knots” series. While creating it, she happened to view news footage of injustices towards immigrant children after the election. Denault responded by tying prayer knots into her sculpture, The artist meticulously ties the tiny thread knots in a slow, patient process, much like that necessitated in the nurturing of our farm fields. Her art explores not only the process of slowing down, but also the assimilation of desiccation and renewal, protection and vulnerability.

Please rsvp and join us on Monday, Memorial Day, May 29th from 2-5pm for art and conversation. Bray Grove Farm is located 70 miles southwest of Chicago in Grundy county. To confirm your attendance and receive directions and parking information, email.

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Sherri Denault, is a Chicago area artist, curator, and educator who received her Masters in studio art from Governors State University in 2013. Her paintings, reliefs, and sculptures are made through an exploration and collision of materials: India ink, gesso, acrylic, rice paper, and thread on canvas, wood panel, and paper. Evident layers of these different materials are built up, combining, repelling, veiling, and disguising each other while creating an organic, chaotic field of pattern.

Denault has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally. Her solo shows include the Brandenburg Gallery, Governors State University Gallery, Monkey Mind Gallery, and the Watseka Historical Museum. Group exhibitions include the Rockford Art Museum, Illinois State Art Museum at Lockport, Tallgrass Arts Association, and the Argonne 201 Gallery. Her art has received multiple awards and can be found in numerous private and corporate collections.

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